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The Woodlands, TX, Disability Lawyer

A Financial Lifeline When You Can’t Work

Your life dealing with serious health problems would be so much easier if you had monthly disability checks coming in.

Losing your ability to work, and your income along with it, is overwhelming. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits exist to give you financial stability and a greater sense of independence and peace.

Too bad they make it so hard to get benefits. Most people get denied and have to appeal the decision.

But here’s reason for hope: If you live in The Woodlands, you can find help from someone who deals with the SSD system around here all the time.

Makris Law Firm is devoted to helping people in The Woodlands, Houston and around Texas.

Getting disability legal help isn’t some expensive luxury. This is a service designed to make things easier for you when you’re struggling with bad health and the money problems it causes.

You can get a FREE EVALUATION of your disability claim from us. And you PAY NO ATTORNEY FEE UNTIL YOU WIN benefits.

Why Get a Local, Woodlands, TX, Disability Attorney?

You can find disability law firms from out of town or out of state who say they will help.

But your financial future isn’t something you should trust to a stranger.

It’s better to get a local, Texas disability lawyer, like the ones at Makris Law Firm.

Here’s why:




The thing is, we don’t see Texas people as strangers. You’re our neighbors.

We do this type of law because we want to help our neighbors and make Texas communities stronger.

We believe hard-working Texas people deserve to get the Social Security benefits they paid for when they worked.

Let’s make your medical situation less of a financial struggle.

Makris Law Firm Helps Texans with Other Legal Needs, Too

Disability law is our biggest emphasis. But we know life gets complicated in many other ways, too, so our help doesn’t stop with your disability application or appeal.

We also believe in providing trustworthy, local legal services in these areas and more:

Whatever your type of legal claim, Makris Law Firm has experience working with the local accountants, doctors, physical therapists, economists, tax experts, vocational experts, life care planners, accident reconstructionists and other experts needed to build the case that gets you a favorable result.

Texans are fighters. With Makris Law Firm, you’re not fighting alone.

When you’re facing a health, financial or legal difficulty, let’s get you on the path to better times ahead.