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 “Hello, my name is JR Richard. When I pitched for the Houston Astros, my baseball was clocked at over a hundred miles-per-hour. I’m the only guy in the world who could throw a fastball through a car wash and never get it wet. I had a stroke, tried to come back to baseball several times; didn’t work. I had a few auditing jobs, and tried to get more stable jobs. That didn’t work because my memory was bad. Because the stroke, had destroyed some of my brain. So a friend of mine told me about Mr Makris, about how diligently he worked with him, how respectful he was, and how happy he was to get him his disability, And after I got a chance to meet him, I was totally amazed at the way he treated me. He surprised me by how well he treated me, how respectfully he treated me. He treated me as a person not a number. He’s gonna be honest with you, upfront with you. You know you have someone in your corner, so I implore people to try the Makris experience. The best thing I ever could have done was call his office and make an appointment, and sit down and talk with him. He restored my hope that everything’s gonna be okay. He gave me confidence in the system again, and I don’t know about going to any other attorney, but I know just one attorney who changed things for me, changed my whole life, changed my whole perception and attitude about the system because most people have lost hope in the system. But at dealing with Victor Makris, I have actually gained hope in the system.”

– JR Richard, Houston, TX


 “I just realized I couldn’t hold a job. I mean, I’m in and out of the hospital 3 or 4 times a year — the emergency room 3 of 4 times a year — hospitalized one or twice a year; pneumonia, bronchitis 4 or 5 times a year, so he can’t hold a job. So that’s why I decided I probably should look and see what I can do to apply for social security and that’s when I finally decided I need to find a lawyer and look into what my rights were. When we went to our first court hearing in for the ALJ and the ME, that’s when I felt discriminated because of my age and that I look healthy. I definitely felt the system was broken. But Victor was extremely amazing. He was my expert, if I needed any type of legal backing, he knew what was needed to be said. Victor was 100% in; he was extremely involved. I would not have been able to do it without his support. He’s my hero, to really sum it up. He was able to pursue and open doors that I wasn’t able to do. Not only winning my case, but helping to get some laws changed.”

– Client name withheld by request


 “I’ve got a background in law enforcement, 23 years retired criminal investigator. I wish the passenger in a vehicle, not three blocks from the apartment where I live. And this kid was watching a pretty girl walk down the sidewalk at 55 miles-per-hour and hit us from behind. This is my seat and I’m sitting here, and my toolbox was here. And when it hit, it got my leg and broke it in two places. I put up with it as long as I could and filed for disability, because I couldn’t move, had numbness in my legs. I fought this for, like, eight years, you know, trying to get disability. I got an attorney out of Roswell, this was where the federal courts are, the closest one there where we lived,okay in New Mexico. And bless his heart he just folded his hands and said, “I don’t what to tell you.” In the meantime I had moved down here where they had schedule the final appeal, okay and I’m saying, “What do I do?” I picked up the phone book,the first one that shot out at me was Victor Makris. I called him. He said, “Come in, and we’ll go over your case.” And the next thing I know he said, “Well, you’re hearing schedule is set at a certain time,” and in 3 months Victor accomplished more for me than what I did or the other attorney did. Victor’s got the magic. Somehow, he put it together that made sense to a judge. And nobody up to that point could or did.”

– Client name withheld by request


“…[I have] long experience with the utmost excellence and unwavering quality the Makris Law Firm has been delivering to clients for over 30 years now…I’ve had dealings with the Makris Law Firm for many years across many different matters…and in all my experience, one thing is certain, Mr. Makris and everyone in his employ in any capacity are top professional people by every standard.”Alan Delgado


“I found the services provided by this law firm to be excellent. All of the staff that I dealt with were courteous, professional and handled the case expediently. I was very impressed with their services, and I would recommend them to my family and friends.”

– Chuck Farley


“Mine happened about two years ago…I had been sick forever it seemed. I applied for SSD and Social Security treated me like crap…I gave up! Then as things got worse I applied again with Binder…and absolutely NOTHING happened. I got discouraged and gave up. Then I saw a Makris commercial and gave them a call…I had to start over again! I filled out a million pages of stuff…they said just be patient. A month or so later I got a letter from SSI saying I was accepted. Don’t know what they did that I didn’t, but they did it. I should not have given up like they said because I lost a lot…so DON’T wait!

– Devin Hanif

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