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Save yourself the hassle of shopping around for several attorneys at several firms by using Makris Law Firm’s experience. We’re the original Makris Law Firm, founded by Victor Makris. Our disability attorneys help people in Houston stabilize theirs lives through Social Security Disability benefits. We can also help you with:

Apply for Disability to Get Financial Relief when You Can’t Work

Helping people with health problems stabilize theirs lives through Social Security Disability benefits is a large part of our practice.

When you can’t work because of serious medical conditions, it’s a crisis. You’re not feeling well. You don’t know how you’ll pay your bills. You’re under stress.

The path to restoring a sense of peace in your life could be applying for disability benefits.

Social Security Disability provides monthly income that can make a big difference for you.

The problem is that most people get denied benefits.

In fact, in a recent 10-year period, more than three-quarters of people who applied were denied on their initial applications.

What can you do about it?

You can get an experienced Social Security Disability attorney in Houston. The disability lawyers at Makris Law Firm have helped thousands of people in Texas.

With one of our Social Security attorneys at your side, you won’t face the unfeeling Social Security process on your own.

How a Social Security Attorney Helps You

Applying for Social Security Disability is complicated. Appealing a denial is even more involved.

When you’re already struggling with your health, filling out forms and understanding endless government steps and rules feels like a heavy burden.

That’s the first reason to work with a Social Security attorney.

We’ll do all of this and more for your disability claim:

Getting a disability lawyer can make the process easier for you. And having a lawyer can improve your chances of winning benefits.

And it’s low-risk for you because you PAY NO ATTORNEY FEE for a Social Security lawyer until you win benefits.

You can start by getting our Social Security attorneys to evaluate your claim—also at no cost to you.

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