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If I win my disability case, how much money will I receive?

If I win my disability case, how much money will I receive?

When health problems lead to financial problems, monthly checks from Social Security Disability could be just what you need to survive.

As you apply for benefits and try to piece your financial picture together, one of your first questions is likely to be how much will you get.

The answer depends on your past work history, how much you paid into the system during your working career, and the type of benefits you receive — Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Makris Law Firm can inform you how to get an estimate of your monthly benefit from Social Security, if you’re found to have a disability. We can also discuss your questions and concerns at no charge.

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How much do I get with SSDI?

As you can tell by the word “insurance” in the name, Social Security Disability is a program you paid for from every paycheck while you worked.

That means you’ve earned the right to receive these benefits when bad health makes it impossible for you to work.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) calculates your benefit amount based on how much money you made over the years, and how long you worked, adjusting for how your wages changed over time.

It’s a complicated formula. And it only pays a portion of your old income, but it could be just the financial relief you need to keep food on the table.

To get help applying for benefits and appealing if you’re denied, work with one of the experienced attorneys at Makris Law Firm. You pay no attorney’s fee up front. And you pay no fee until you win.

How Much Money Do You Get With Social SEcurity Disability

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How much do I get with SSI?

Supplemental Security Income is not a government-run insurance program like SSDI. Instead, it’s an assistance program for people with limited income, work history and financial means who experience disabilities.

So the amount you receive under SSI is not tied to a formula based on years of your income.

It’s the same, set amount for everyone. But it gradually changes over time.

Here are three recent years of SSI monthly payments:

To qualify for SSI, you have to meet certain income standards. If you qualify but have some income or receive food, housing or other assistance, these resources may reduce how much you can receive in benefits.

How much can family members receive in SSDI?

Social Security also provides payments for spouses and children of workers who qualified for SSDI benefits.

The amounts that family members can receive — including widows, widowers and adult children with disabilities — depend on how much the worker with a disability worked and earned.

In late 2017, spouses of workers with disabilities received an average of about $329 per month, according to SSA numbers. Children of workers with disabilities received an average of $358 per month.

Get the maximum benefits you deserve

Until you win your disability claim, it’s impossible to say exactly how much money you’ll get, but we can show you how to get a pretty close estimate.

Getting benefits is not easy, which is why most people hire an attorney to help them. Most people get denied on their first attempt and give up.

If that happens to you, you should appeal because that’s when many people do finally get their benefits. Work with an attorney who knows Social Security’s complicated process — and take some of the burden off yourself as you apply or appeal.

Makris Law Firm has over 40 years of experience helping Texans when they need it the most. We fight to get the maximum possible benefits for you.

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