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Why do I need a lawyer to help me? Why should I hire Makris Law Firm?

You’re too sick or injured to work. It’s obvious to you that you deserve Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

So why hire a Social Security Disability lawyer to help with your claim when you can fill out all the forms and file your application on your own?

The answer: A disability lawyer makes the process easier for you—and improves your chances of winning benefits so you can stabilize your life.

It’s a difficult system. It’s easy to make mistakes. And most people get denied. But a government study found you are almost three times more likely to be awarded benefits if you have a representative like a lawyer with you when you take your claim to a hearing with a Social Security administrative law judge (ALJ).

You don’t need to go through this alone. The Makris Law Firm has helped thousands of people in Houston and around Texas apply for disability benefits and appeal denials.

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The Makris Law Firm Handles the Government Hassle for You

Disability law is confusing. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has thousands of rules governing who gets benefits.

While it’s clear to you that you can’t work because of your health, for Social Security, you have to prove it.

You must meet these key qualifications:

Within those rules, you have to show Social Security that you have the symptoms of a serious impairment as outlined by an official list of impairments that the government keeps.

Or, if your diagnosis isn’t on the list, you must get a “residual functional capacity” rating from Social Security, which measures the activity level you’re able to handle—regardless of your exact medical condition.

Sound confusing? It is. This is where the Makris Law Firm helps.

We work with these cases every day, so we can take a look at your situation and give you an idea of what your claim will require at no cost to you.

What Our Social Security Disability Lawyers Do For You

When you choose to work with the Makris Law Firm on your disability claim, we’re with you every step of the way. When you’re applying, we will:

Best yet—we don’t charge you anything up front for all this work. You pay no fee until you win disability benefits. Even then, our fee comes out of a portion of your back pay.

You Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer When You Appeal

If you received a denial letter, it puts you in good company with millions of others who’ve been denied.

But this isn’t over. You shouldn’t give up. And we won’t give up on you.

The process gets even more complicated when it’s time to appeal a denial. The appeals process can include speaking to a disability judge, or maybe even filing a lawsuit in federal court.

For that, you want a lawyer.

When you have a disability hearing coming up, lawyers from Makris Law Firm will:

Don’t take any chances with your future financial security.

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