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Houston Social Security Disability Appeals Council Reviews

Houston Social Security Disability Appeals Council Reviews

You filed a claim for Social Security Disability benefits and were denied.

You filed an appeal, and were denied again.

Next, you took your appeal before an administrative law judge (ALJ) and received another denial!

Don’t give up.

With your financial independence on the line, getting benefits is too crucial to stop now.

The next step is sending your file to the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council for another review. You’ll need to take action quickly—the deadline to continue your appeal is usually 60 days from the date of your last denial.

The Makris Law Firm has deep experience taking claims to the Appeals Council. We can review your file to determine your chances on appeal, and help you put forward your best case. We offer same-day and next-day consultations to get started.

What Happens When My Case Goes to the Disability Appeals Council?

An Appeals Council review is different from an ALJ hearing. The Council is based in Falls Church, Va., and you usually will not meet with the Council in person.

Members of the Appeals Council will review your file behind closed doors. They will look at any additional evidence you have, including any errors you believe the ALJ made in deciding your case.

It can take a long time to get a decision back from the Appeals Council, often 12-14 months or more.

You’ve probably already waited many months, or years, for benefits. It’s vital that the brief you file in support of your appeal gives a clear picture of your case.

The Makris Law Firm has the experience to spot any errors in the ALJ decision and point out the problems to the Council.

The Appeals Council can take the following actions regarding your case:

What If The Appeals Council Rejects My Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Appeals Council doesn’t have to review your case. It can find that no reversible error occurred and decline to review the decision.

If this happens, it’s still not the end. You’ve come this far to get the benefits you deserve, and you still have the option of appealing your case to federal court. Essentially, you’re filing a lawsuit against Social Security.

The Makris Law Firm can review your case to see if it has the appeal hooks needed to have a good chance on higher levels of appeal.

The outcome of your appeal is too important to try it alone. Monthly checks and Medicare health coverage you get with disability benefits could make too big a difference in your life.

Call us to explore your options. The Makris Law Firm has helped thousands of Texans win injury and disability benefits for over 40 years.

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