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Houston, TX Woman Needs a Divorce LawyerWhen you’re experiencing changes in your marital status and family dynamics, you’re dealing with many strong emotions—and uncertainty about your future.

Nothing’s more important than your family and your own well-being. And you deserve nothing less than the best possible resolutions to all of these circumstances:

Makris Law Firm stands by Houston area men and women who are navigating complicated or difficult times in their family lives.

Our family law attorneys work hard to get you a strong start to a new chapter.

When Divorce Is the Only Option

Whether you’re entering an amicable divorce or facing a contested one, nobody comes to the decision to leave their spouse lightly.

You’re experiencing a wide range of emotions as you let family and friends know about your relationship split. You’re grappling with the challenges of living and supporting yourself separately.

Many Texans in the process of getting a divorce have never stood before a judge before. You may dread the idea of going to court to divide up assets.

If you’re facing an at-fault divorce due to situations like adultery, a felony conviction, abuse, mental incapacity, three-year history of living apart or abandonment, it’s even worse.

At the Makris Law Firm, we help you weigh the best possible outcome of your pending divorce.

We’re experienced at putting together a strong case to help you achieve the division of marital assets or debts that you desire, so you can move on from the troubling times you’re experiencing now and begin your new life.

We can evaluate your case at no cost to you.

Child Custody Arrangements that Put Children First

If you share a child or children with a former spouse, a soon-to-be ex-spouse, or someone you were never married to but are no longer in a relationship with, then you know you need a solid child custody arrangement that puts the most important people in your life—your children—first.

Knowing that a relationship termination will be hard for your children to understand, and it will force you to spend regular time away from your children, is tough for any parent to bear.

If you don’t have an amicable relationship with the other parent, and you know that agreeing on a schedule on your own isn’t going to work, that’s where Makris Law Firm steps in to help.

We know that every family has different needs. Depending on their age, and sometimes even medical conditions your children may have, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for families when it comes to arranging child custody.

The family lawyers at Makris Law Firm work side by side with you to determine the best possible living situation for your children, so we can present a fair arrangement to the other parent.

And if there’s a history of dangerous behavior from the other parent, such as violence or substance abuse, we’re prepared to fight in court to keep your children safe.

Do I Need a Prenup?

If you’re about to get married, the last thought on your mind is divorce—a sad, scary outcome.

But just in case the unexpected happens later on, a prenuptial agreement, also called a pre-marital agreement, can help ensure that you, not the courts, will decide what property will belong to which spouse.

You’ve worked hard for what you have—and you deserve to keep what’s yours.

A premarital agreement can give you financial protection and peace of mind, allowing you and your spouse to enjoy your marriage to the fullest, without unnecessary conflict over financial “what ifs.”

You can get a prenup with minimal inconvenience, but it’s best to start the process well in advance of your wedding date.

Most of the time, you don’t even have to visit a law firm office. A paralegal can come to you to finish the process.

Call Makris Law Firm today to let an experienced attorney answer your prenuptial agreement questions, free of charge.

Get a Trusted Family Law Attorney

Our Houston law firm has decades of experience helping Texas families with a variety of family law needs, all while offering care and support as you walk through changing times in your life.

We can help you achieve the best possible results for your current family situation, so you can move forward to what’s next.

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